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Blue Oval Performance & Repair was founded by Jason Messick in 2009. As a child, Jason spent his days watching his father rebuild classic cars. It was during this time that Jason learned the value of every automobile and learned how the right care and upkeep can extend the life and performance of any car or truck. His father used to repair and restore cars for friends and neighbors; asking for little compensation in return. Jason never forgot the gratitude of those his father helped. He never forgot the warm feeling he felt every time his father would deliver a restored vehicle to someone who couldn't afford a new one. He became determined to honor his father by opening a business that would offer true value to the community. Jason promised himself to always provide the highest level of service, regardless of how large his business might eventually grow. The business has grown steadily since opening, prompting Jason to move from his original location in Kennedale to a more suitable site in that gives him the ability to provide excellent service to customers from all over the DFW Metroplex. Bring your vehicle in today to see what Blue Oval Performance & Repairs can do for you!