Your brake system consists of several components. Some of the common parts that need replacement are listed below:

• Rotors
• Drums
• Shoes
• Pads
• Calipers
• Brake Hose
• Master Cylinder
• Brake Booster

A Change for the Better? 
Just Ask Your Brakes!

Most motorists don't realize that contaminated brake fluid creates a dangerous situation. System should be flushed and fluid changed periodically.

Changing the many fluids in a vehicle is always a change for the better. Dirty engine oil, transmission fluid or anti-freeze are bad news for a car. But what about brake fluid? Many motorists know that this fluid should be topped off, but changed?

According to the Car Care Council brake fluid in the typical vehicle can become contaminated in two years or less. This is because the fluid absorbs moisture, which works its way through the hydraulic system. Under heavy braking conditions, such as those encountered in mountainous or hilly driving or when towing a trailer, moisture in the overheated fluid vaporizes (boiling point of water is lower than that of brake fluid) and braking efficiency is reduced. - courtesy of the Car Care Council